Roller Garage Doors

When you talk about roller garage doors the first thing that comes into your mind is the free space that they provide you with in the garage and the driveway because of their working mechanism. Another good thing about them is the fact that you can still operate them from inside and outside of the garage no matter how close your vehicle is to the door. Source: website


There are two types of roller shutter garage doors that are mostly used these days. One is the double skinned aluminum roller doors that features individual slates and the other types is the steel roller shutter garage doors that have a single skin steel panel that works like a continuous sheet steel curtain. Aluminum roller doors are usually a best fit for electric operations and are regarded as a reliable option when it comes to security and insulation. Where insulation and security of the garage doors are not a priority, steel roller garage doors are a convenient and simpler option. A lot of basic and cheap aluminum roller garage door options are available in the market but they lack the quality that is provided by most famous manufacturers and in some cases cannot even compete with the simple steel roller garage doors. Because of the fact there are a lot of moving parts involved in a roller garage door, a cheap quality roller shutter door will never have a long life and durability that a user would want. A slightest failure in any of the working component will result in a general malfunction. Reliable garage door repair in Lake Forest, IL.

Advantages of Roller Garage Doors
– The roller design of these garage doors ensure great safety.
– Installation of rubber seals on the bottom of the panel ensures that no dust or rain can come inside the garage.
– You can open and close the garage door with the help of a remote control or a switch.
– Because these garage doors work vertically, roller garage door are ideal for saving space and installation in small garages and driveways.
– You can open and close the garage door even if your car is parked very closed to the door.
– Roller garage doors come in a variety of designs, styles and paint works and finishes.
– These garage doors can be insulated to make the garage more energy efficient and for maintaining the temperature inside the garage.
– Some of the roller garage doors with curtain design keep their operation very quiet.
– You can order a garage door according to the dimensions and measurements of your garage and driveway.

Roller garage doors have a high demand in the market and their popularity is more than ever. Because of this reason, a lot of investors have jumped into the market to start their own manufacturing companies to meet the ever increasing demand and cash a lot of money on the way. This saturation has resulted in more competition and a lot of manufacturers tend to produce low quality, cheap garage doors without any compliance with the safety legislations so they can easily sell their roller garage doors on a competitive rate. You will have to watch out for such products. Source: web

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are one of the oldest type of garage doors that have been manufactured since 1960s. These garage doors consist of basic elements like springs, cables and simple locking systems. These basic features are being replaced by many other advanced systems in the latest garage door repair types like roller garage doors and sectional type garage doors. These days people avoid installing an up and over garage door because they don’t like getting hit in the knees while opening it. Sectional type and roller garage doors are taking over the garage door market really fast. One of the reasons, up and over garage door can still be seen in the market is the ease of installation that they offer and their compatibility with smaller garages. In general, if you talk about any garage door type, all of them have their own benefits and drawbacks.


If you are look forward to installing an up and over garage door that features a sturdy chassis, galvanized steel components and high quality paint job or finish then you will do just fine. The best up and over garage door mechanism will have zinc plated springs which will save them from getting rusty and all sort of deterioration issues. One of the most important things that should be considered while choosing an up and over garage door is the locking system that it offers.  A locking system that features a steel rod offers more stability and safety as compared to cables that tend to stretch and hang on the opening of the door.Garage Door Repair in Algonquin, IL.

Most of the up and over garage doors can easily be automated and can be used with a remote control for the sake of opening and closing them. Some types of up and over garage doors like canopy doors that are usually 8 feet in width feature a spring that runs across the top and only leaves a third of the door protruding when its opened. Another type like retractable garage doors can be found in any size and feature their springs installed on the sides that allow them to slide on the rails and into the garage. Fix all of you garage door problems with a professional garage door company in Romeoville, IL.

A major drawback of up and over garage doors is their poor insulation and sealing. They can never provide ideal sealing because their panel always moves through the opening of the frame which means there always is a tolerance and gap that can allow wind and rain during a bad weather. Some of the high quality up and over garage doors offer minimum tolerance in this scenario but the gap at the bottom of these garage doors cannot be ignored that allows the panel to shut and open.

A lot of latest designs can be found in the market these days that feature designer steel doors and stainless steel features that look tremendously beautiful if they go with the entrance door of the house.

How to keep Electric Garage Doors Safe


If you are looking forward to buying a new electric garage door then you would have a couple of questions in your mind. What to expect from it especially when it comes with a remote control feature? Source: Barrington IL garage door repair. 

Electric garage doors, in general, are safe and reliable and they wouldn’t let down your expectations because these doors are manufactured in compliance with Construction Products Directive or CPD and are marked CE by the agency who installs them, they have to comply with all safety standards and devices. But this is how things are supposed to be in general. A lot of dealers around the country are selling a variety of roller garage doors that do not comply with the DHF regulations.  Electric garage doors are now classed as a machine and the installer is supposed to CE Mark the door and the operator after the successful installation. It is also the responsibility of the installer to issue a declaration of conformity on installation. All of the safety and other installation directions provided by garage door repair. the DHF are supposed to be met before and during installation otherwise the installation will be considered illegal. It is always a good idea to confirm that the party who is going to install your electric garage door is a member of the DHF and are skilled professional who can install the electric operator and the door keeping all safety measures in their mind.

Following all of these rules will give you an authentic claim and power to take a legal action against or by you in case of any kind of mishap or accident related to your electric garage door or its electric operator.  All of the equipment and machines that need CE compliance or any other related machinery directive compliance are usually large in size and powerful enough to be a potential danger. Not have a legal compliance with an authority will be considered as your negligence. Even if you don’t think about the compliance factor, it is obvious that no one would want themselves or their family to be using any machinery, in this case a huge electric roller or a sectional garage door, until that machine is safe to use. There have been a couple of unfortunate mishaps in the recent years that resulted in serious injuries and even deaths caused by an electric garage door system and on investigations, the reports indicated that those electric garage system did not have any safety devices that would otherwise save the victims. Local garage door repair company.

There are a lot of people who became an example for others in this regard that we can follow up on and we’re not just talking about electric garage doors, manual garage doors when not installed keeping safety in mind have also proved to be a potential danger. These safety and installation regulations cover each and every part and detail that revolves around a garage door installation to ensure maximum safety. It is a good idea to have a mini risk assessment done by the professionals before the installation of an electric garage door. Website.

Things that make a Garage Door Secure

miami-garage-theftA lot of old garage doors that feature a single or twin/double cable are prone to getting broken down. Most of these old garage door types do not offer much resistance and once a force is applied and as soon as they break, the handle can be operated to control the latch. The latch on these doors is also prone to getting broken down given an applied force with the help of some simple and small tools.source These days a lot of garage doors manufactured with one piece up and over design usually have two locking points. In some scenarios, some doors even feature a steel rod instead of a cable system which makes them more secure. Such garage doors work with the help of a rotary handle and there is a profile cylinder that is separately featured on the handle which makes it very hard for a burglar to break in. If these locks and latches are used along with a steel frame, they become more secure. Such garage doors with these customizations are available by Hormann and Garage doors that also feature a steel plate on the front of these latches to ensure further resistance. Source: Garage Door Repair Bolingbrook, IL

Another way to approach the old type up and over steel garage doors used to be the peeling of the corner of panel up. Gaining access to the older doors use to be even easier because of the little strength offered by the C channel chassis. A lot of famous manufacturers like Hormann, Garador and Novoferm usually use a box steel chassis section that ensures more resistance that enforces the corners. The efficiency of these corners can be further maximized by enhancing them with 4 point locking with a latch for each one of the corners. Lake In The Hills Garage Door Repair.

There are a lot of ways that were used to breaking into old garage doors. The panel materials the doors are made of like timber, grp and Upvc decides what method a burglar is going to use to break through a door. For example, simple ABS plastic doors that used to be constructed with a soft, single and thin ABS plastic sheet were often cut using a sharp knife. These things were done to quietly make the locking mechanisms ineffective that can also be easily opened from the inside of the garage without using any key.

The best solution to save yourself from any such mishap is to go for a double skinned aluminum or steel insulate roller shutter or section garage doors that are easily available in the market. These doors have very high strength and durability and offer the required resistance needed to stop a thief.Garage door repair woodridge, il. As long as the panel of the garage door is thick enough, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can also choose the color, design and build of your choice. Some latest garage doors offer different features like “anti-lock bumping” and “ant-lock snapping” that really contribute to make your garage door more secure.